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AP fact check: Trump camp suggests AG William Barr found illegal spying

While Barr told lawmakers that he believed spying took place, he never concluded it was illegal and made clear several times he was not suggesting a crime had occurred. THE FACTS: Barr’s four-page summary of Mueller’s nearly 400-page report did not “totally” exonerate Trump. TRUMP, asked if he still “loves” WikiLeaks: “I know nothing about WikiLeaks. “WikiLeaks, I love WikiLeaks,” Trump said in Pennsylvania. THE FACTS: Nothing’s preventing Trump from releasing his tax returns. Our Country is FULL!” — tweet April 7. Immigrants as a whole make up a greater percentage of the total U.S. population than they did back in 1970, having grown from less than 5 percent of the population to more than 13 percent now. President Obama had child separation.” — remarks to reporters Tuesday. On water, Yale University’s global Environmental Performance Index finds 10 countries tied for the cleanest drinking water, the U.S. among them. TRUMP: “Under this administration, we have ended the war on American energy like never before.” — signing ceremony.

Omar says more death threats coming since Trump tweeted video

WASHINGTON — Rep. Ilhan Omar says she’s faced increased death threats since President Donald Trump spread around a video that purports to show her being dismissive of the 2001 terrorist attacks. “This is endangering lives,” she said, accusing Trump of fomenting right-wing extremism. “It has to stop.” Her statement late Sunday followed an announcement by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that she has taken steps to ensure the safety of the Minnesota Democrat and the speaker’s call for Trump to take down the video. pic.twitter.com/gwB2kDUIRp Soon after Pelosi’s statement, the video disappeared as a pinned tweet at the top of Trump’s Twitter feed, but it was not deleted. Pelosi was among Democrats who had criticized Trump over the tweet, with some accusing him of trying to incite violence against the Muslim lawmaker. She later sought to defend herself by tweeting a quote from President George W. Bush, in which the Republican president referred to the attackers as “people” just days after 9/11. The tweet was posted atop Trump’s Twitter feed for much of Sunday, with more than 9 million views. Sanders questioned why Democrats weren’t following Trump’s example and calling out Omar, too. “Certainly the president is wishing no ill will and certainly not violence towards anyone, but the president is absolutely and should be calling out the congresswoman for her — not only one time — but history of anti-Semitic comments,” Sanders said. But she refused to take back a tweet in which she suggested American supporters of Israel “pledge allegiance” to a foreign country.

YG Shots Fired at Coachella Party … Cops Search for Suspect

YG's party following his Coachella performance was busted up when someone opened fire outside the event -- causing a panic, just 2 weeks after his friend Nipsey Hussle's murder. Hours after the rapper left the Coachella stage Sunday night, his after-party was going down at a nearby equestrian center. Our law enforcement sources say they got a call around 2 AM Monday morning for shots fired. Witnesses told cops someone driving past the bash fired multiple shots -- however, once on the scene, cops found no victims and no evidence of the shooting. The parking lot was crawling with cops who had to shut down the party while they investigated. We're told they have no suspects. As you'd imagine, guests were on edge because the reported shots came so closely on the heels of Nipsey's shooting. YG -- who spoke at Nip's Staples Center memorial service -- paid tribute to his friend again during his Coachella gig. Of course, YG was way less kind when it came to talking about President Trump -- but let's keep it real ... that's what his fans came to see.

There Are Bacteria and Fungi All Over the Space Station, and Now We Know...

(Image: © NASA) Just like on Earth, there is a robust population of bacteria and fungi on the International Space Station (ISS) — and a new study catalogues its exact composition. Other organisms come from specific parts of humans, such as Staphylococcus aureus (10%), which is usually found in human nasal passages and skin. While it sounds like a gross combination, the scientists noted in the statement that similar bacteria are found in mundane Earth environments such as offices, gyms and hospitals, so the space station is similar to these other "built environments" frequented by humans. Related: Astronauts Identify Mystery Microbes in Space for the 1st Time It's unclear if bacteria that sometimes cause disease on Earth, such as Staphylococcus aureus and Enterobacter, could cause disease in ISS astronauts, researchers said in the statement, because that depends on things such as how these organisms function in microgravity and how healthy the astronaut is to start. "Specific microbes in indoor spaces on Earth have been shown to impact human health, Kasthuri Venkateswaran, a senior research scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and a co-author of the paper, said in the statement. "In light of possible future long-duration missions," Venkateswaran said, "it is important to identify the types of microorganisms that can accumulate in the unique, closed environments associated with spaceflight, how long they survive and their impact on human health and spacecraft infrastructure." Astronauts collected the samples during three flights spanning 14 months, a time span that allowed the researchers to see how the microbial and fungal populations changed over locations and during time. They came from eight locations on the ISS, including the dining table, toilet, exercise equipment, a viewing window and sleeping quarters. "The authors found that while fungal communities were stable, microbial communities were similar across locations but changed over time," researchers said in the statement. The authors suggest that these temporal differences may be due to the different astronauts on board the ISS."

Ken Clarke: ‘Brexit is like a parody version of student politics’

“Only an ideologue deals with the world as he would wish it to be, as opposed to the world as it is.” When he recalls Edward Heath, the first Tory prime minister Clarke served as a frontbencher, he describes him as a “fanatic pro-European”. For one thing, it called only for a customs union. “Again, pragmatic old me, not the customs union.” He knows that’s not good enough. What I will take on board is that you feel so angry about the ruling class and politicians, and the establishment and so on.’ Because anger was the main emotion let loose by the referendum campaign and since.” Which is not to say he is dismissive of those who voted leave or what motivated them. He looks back on what will soon be a half-century in parliament and notes what he calls “the symmetry of my career: I started the year we were joining the European Union, I’m finishing when it looks as though we’re leaving”, and thinks he was lucky that his time coincided with EU membership, a period when Britain at last discovered its role in the world: “We found our vocation as a European power.” But then came that dreaded opinion poll, as he calls it, in 2016. “She was never in favour of leaving the European Union. “She would have voted remain, just as she campaigned very heavily to remain” in the 1975 referendum. It’s a very good club to be in. Not Clarke. That’s not the reason I’ve stayed in politics – I’m just an addict – but I think it helps.

Amazon has some of the best SanDisk microSD cards and other storage products on...

But prices on memory cards, flash drives, internal and external SSDs, external hard drives, and other storage products have also been dropping like crazy. As such, even if you don't necessarily need any of the aforementioned items, it's probably a good idea to be prepared just in case. In case you do eventually manage to fill up your handset's 128GB, 512GB, or 1TB hoarding space or if you decide to purchase a more affordable 32GB model next and rely on the cloud and a blazing fast microSD card for anything exceeding that mark. A 256GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card with up to 100 MB/s transfer read speeds, for instance, is available at an unprecedented discount of $18.50, representing a whopping 37 percent off its list price. If you need something faster that can handle higher-quality photos and 4K UHD videos, the SanDisk Extreme lineup is naturally costlier, although a trio of substantial discounts bring the 64, 128, and 400GB models down to new all-time low prices of their own. You're looking at savings of between $5 and $164 (!!! Meanwhile, if you'd rather store or back up your content on a flash drive, two SanDisk iXpand variants designed specifically for iPhones and iPads and a 256GB Ultra Dual Drive for Android devices and computers are also on sale at up to 30 percent off. The Ultra Dual Drive comes with both microUSB and USB 3.0 connectors, promising to transfer files to a PC at up to a 150 MB/s speed. The iXpand (available in 128 and 256 gig capacities) boasts similarly impressive USB 3.0 numbers and a diminutive size, automatically backing up your photos and videos at plugin. All these deals (and several more on full-sized memory cards, SSDs, HDDs, and regular flash drives) are good today only on Amazon until midnight Pacific Time.

New York college student dies after falling from clock tower weeks before graduating

A Fordham University senior who was climbing up the campus' iconic bell tower fell to her death in a tragic accident early Sunday morning. Sydney Monfries, 22, fell through an opening in a stairway landing at Keating Hall and plummeted down the inside of the clock and bell tower, according to the New York City Police Department. The tower on the Bronx, New York, campus is off-limits to students and locked at night, according to the university. Start the day better: Get USA TODAY's Daily Briefing in your inbox “There are no words sufficient to describe the loss of someone so young and full of promise — and mere weeks from graduation,” university president Rev. Joseph M. McShane said in a statement. Monfries posted video from the top of the tower early Sunday with the caption "Bell tower," The New York Times reports. McShane said Monfries' bachelor’s degree will be presented to her parents. BREAKING: Fordham university student Sydney Monfries, 22, dies after fall from school's iconic clock tower, university president says. Officials are investigating how the student gained access to the tower, which is normally locked. - WNBC pic.twitter.com/8p9ykvQshU — NYC Scanner (@NYScanner) April 14, 2019

Dallas transgender woman brutally beaten in broad daylight

DALLAS (AP) — Police canvassed a Dallas neighborhood during the weekend in search of anyone who may have witnessed the brutal beating of a transgender woman in an attack that happened in broad daylight in front of a crowd of people and that was caught on cellphone video. Detectives were seeking clues in hopes of identifying the woman's assailant or assailants, police said in a statement. They said the woman reported the assault while receiving hospital treatment Friday night. She told officers the attack happened earlier Friday after she was involved in a minor traffic accident near an apartment complex in the southern part of Dallas, according to the police statement released Saturday. A purported video of the attack posted on Facebook shows a man in a white shirt viciously beating the woman, apparently into unconsciousness, while the crowd looks on and homophobic slurs are shouted. Several women eventually carried the victim's limp body to safety. A Dallas police spokesman said the woman's identity and further information about the case would not be released Sunday. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said he is "extremely angry about what appears to be mob violence against this woman" and that those responsible do not represent how most residents feel about the city's "thriving LGBTQ community." The data showed a 5% increase in hate crimes motivated by sexual orientation bias and a 4% percent decrease in hate crimes motivated by gender identity bias. Of crimes motivated by gender identity bias, 106 targeted transgender people, a 1% increase from 2016.

Siddaramaiah Accepts Congress Can’t Win Majority This Time, Predicts Post-Poll Scenario

Mysore: The country was heading towards a coalition government as neither the Congress nor the BJP are unlikely to get an absolute majority despite claims by political leadership, former Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said Monday. The senior Congress leader observed that neither of the two national parties were in a position to cross the 150 mark out of 543, despite claims to the contrary by BJP leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Talking to PTI in an exclusive interview during a campaign trail, Siddaramaiah said: "Both Congress and BJP appear not to be in a position to get an absolute majority on their own. He said, "The campaign is against the BJP which is a communal party. The Congress, which is contesting 21 seats in the state, would win 13-14 seats and its ally JD(S) will take the combine tallly to around 20, he said. Three out of seven seats allocated to JD(S) are being contested by former Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda and his two grandsons, forcing the JD(S) leadership to concentrate on three constituencies of Tumkur, Mandya and Hassan. Both voters, irrespective of what Congress and JD(S) got in the assembly poll, put together will get more votes." On too much of Modi bashing in election campaign, he said, "It is because Modi is prime minister of this country and has completed five years. If you attack Modi, it means we are attacking the RSS. "Is Modi discussing these issues in the public meeting?

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