From national and global organisations to shops, brands and even a band – awareness is growing that plastic is not fantastic. We round up 10 that are taking action

1. EU orders urgent plastics clean-up plan

The EU has launched a plastics strategy that aims to ensure every piece of packaging on the continent is reusable or recyclable by 2030. The body is considering plans to tax damaging behaviour, modernise plastic production and collection by investing €350m (£310m) in research.

Image: Martin Sanchez

2. Supermarkets pledge to slash plastic waste

In the face of increased scrutiny, supermarkets have made a series of plastic-related commitments in recent months. Asda has promised to get rid of all 5p carrier bags by the end of 2018, switch 2.4m plastic straws in its cafes to paper, and introduce reusable drinks cups in its shops and cafes by 2019. Iceland has committed to eliminating plastic packaging from its own-brand products within five years.

3. Scotland plans to outlaw plastic cotton buds

A proposed crackdown on the manufacture and sale of plastic cotton buds will cut Scotland’s contribution to marine plastic pollution by half according to Richard Dixon, director of Friends of the Earth Scotland.

Image: Sharon McCutcheon

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4. McDonald’s eyes 100 per cent sustainable packaging goal

The world’s largest restaurant company has announced that all of its packaging will be made from renewable, recycled or certified sustainable materials by 2025, up from 50 per cent currently.

5. PG tips announces switch to plastic-free teabags

The UK’s biggest tea brand will switch to fully biodegradable teabags free from synthetic materials by the end of the year, the brand announced. Clipper has also pledged to make the switch. While some bags use meltable plastic fibres to heat seal their four corners, Pukka Herbs bags are stitched using compostable organic cotton. It keeps their herbs in staple-free and plastic-free.

Image: Dayne Topkin

6. Waitrose to ditch disposable coffee cups

Waitrose has announced plans to remove all disposable coffee…